Sergey (ps_force_eng) wrote in one_language,

For English speakers: can you show me my mistake in my text

Hello anyone!
If you can - correct my text, I need know my mistakes.
If this is in rules of this community - I can post text like that every day, maybe in this have progress)


Pranks of weird is very strange. Today morning was very disgusting. I had a dream abous scarecrow, tacky insects, blind swarm of bees, ashes of stoned addicts. And in my dream crown go through the necklace. But that don't explain my bechavior in this morining. I don't do my chores, don't realize my plans to this day. My solitude makes me very sad, Proud people says, what solitude is a gift, but I don't think so. And I don't know cause of this life without friends, without joy with friends.

I insist, what this crap is only my fault, but when all others facts surface, I can change my mind. Today I'm very sober and all other world stoned. This siblings, this gemini, who become casustie of each other. My upset of this things is very big. All guardians bring misery to house, but scratch barely can call twinge.

This clumsy text is only lesson. This unplesant story is way to learn new english words. I rush to end this text, and maybe it have many mistakes.
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