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New comm!

*Let me know if this isn't allowed*

I recently started up a LJ-comm for practicing different languages in the form of short (200 or so words), entirely random posts in whatever language you may be learning and having others more fluent in that language to either correct you or just comment on your posts. It's really quite open, so you can talk about anything you want and you can write in whatever language you want! However, I'm looking for some more members, so if you're either a) wanting to practice a language you're learning or b) a native or fluent in a language that's not English, I really, really encourage to visit. I'm especially looking for people fluent in German, French, and anyone with any knowledge of Japanese (I have posters, and not anyone to really help them out ^^).

So please, come and take a look here: linguafrancka? Thank you!
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